Design is much more than just a job for me. I see it everywhere – the good the bad and the ugly! In the Land of Og you can see the world from my perspective. Stuff that’s caught my eye, tickled my fancy and sometimes left me scratching my head! Whether it makes you laugh or cringe, it will always be about the same thing – design. Go on, have a look… I know you want to.

Creator of the iconic ‘I ♥ NY’, Milton Glaser interview at the Wheeler Centre

A few months ago I visted the Wheeler Centre in Melbourne to see this interview which was part of the State of Design Festival. It's worth a look. Enjoy. http://wheelercentre.com/videos/video/state-of-design-milton-glaser/

Text generators with a sense of humour

Recently whilst reading Erik Spiekermann’s blog, he noted a web text generator which took his fancy. The Arty Bollocks Generator is more of a specific to the Arts crowd but it reminded me of some other text generators that a friend, Sasha Cunningham recently sent me:


Many clients would be familiar with the standard Lorem Ipsum, which designers will often use as placeholder text to demonstrate a how a font performs in a concept design for a publication. These generators give the designer and client something fun to read when looking at type other than the old gobbeldygook.

A Dutch typeface created for dyslexics

A Dutch typeface created for dyslexics

Developed by Christian Theo Boer from Studio Studio in 2008, ‘Dyslexie’ was designed to help dyslexic people decipher letterforms. Have a look at their website for more information and a little movie to demonstrate. It’s not pretty but according to a recent study carried out by University of Twente, in the Netherlands, it actually works.

Speaking of legibility

My old colleague has been thinking about type and legibility for a while and has finally penned (or is that typed?) a very handy and educational resource which is well worth a read.


In the beginning...

In the beginning...

One Sunday, whilst hunting through a bookshop, I stumbled (literally) across the The Complete Works of Shakespeare...

What drew my attention was this Foreword (above). Interestingly the first two paragraphs focus is on the size of type and the leading rather than Shakespeare's works. I wonder what Shakespeare would think about that.