In the beginning
1995 was a big year for designers: Science clones its first living thing – a sheep, Yahoo! is founded, DVDs are invented and Ography is formed. It began as a collaboration between three designers of diverse backgrounds and interests. Niko Spellbrink, Jody Fenn and Prue Marks. They worked well together creating design solutions for a myriad of challenges. And when it came to typography, they were in a class of their own.

Change happens. A while ago, the Ography team agreed it was time for two of the trio to leave the nest and go off in pursuit of another designer’s direction. It was time for Ography to take a new shape.

Today, Prue Marks continues to craft graphic design solutions under the identity of Ography. As Designer in Black, Prue oversees the creative direction and implementation of all projects. She lives, eats and breathes design. She believes typography – good typography – can change the world…or at least the way it looks and functions! She’s right. Have you ever tried to order dinner from a badly designed menu?

As for the others?  

Jody is tackling the world of academia from the inside of RMIT University as Senior Designer for the Educational Technology Advancement Group. She still doesn’t talk before she’s a had a morning coffee and she still likes to collect photographs of weird and wonderful signage.

Niko is inspiring the next generation of designers, lecturing at three universities across Melbourne while continuing to perfect his font design, ‘Jan B’. It may be finished in the next 10 years… and it may not.  

Some of you will remember the sublime Miss Laura. She’s now a fully-fledged rising star of the Melbourne fashion scene with her own label Nevsky Prospect currently taking up a lot of her time.

Finally, there is Suki. For 13 years, she has overseen the work of the Ography studio from her own unique perspective – and the comfort of her bed.
Some things never change
The names on the business cards might have changed, but the 'what' behind Ography never will. Ography still seeks out opportunities to work with great people. Note, we never said we’d work ‘for’ you… it’s a ‘with’ thing for us. Our approach is simple – we collaborate and co-operate. That’s the way we like it. It is a formula that has worked beautifully for over 15 years. If you get that, it will work for you too.